Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wiped out!

Its almost 10pm. I just finished my paper on coronary heart disease. What a page turner this one is! Just a bit of sarcasm there.... I can't believe I finished the paper! I was really starting to panic about getting it finished. I'm so tired! I wish I could have accomplished 1 more this weekend.

Chris and I emptied out our storage unit this morning, then we celebrated my sister Judy's birthday ( I won't say the number Jude!) Don't feel sorry for her....she's leaving for Hawaii in a couple of days....without her sister, I might add. Aloha Jude!

I don't think I'm going to have a very good loss on the scale tomorrow morning. I ate out like 4 times this week. I tried to make good choices, however. I did have a piece of my sister's ice cream cake today. Also having my period. I'm just full of excuses aren't I!? I'll keep you posted...pardon the pun! Night!


judy said...

hi Kate. I'm just packing and resting before my trip and wanted to say hi. Here's a link to where I'll be staying. Mom has the condo phone number, but my cell phone will work too, so call me.. and I will you. Be good. Love you - Jude