Thursday, April 24, 2008

The results are in....

So I didn't tank the exam a 78%. High C I'm thinking. Not exactly an A, but I knew that wasn't happening anyway. Last night we had our first lab quiz. Joe, my teacher, set up 20 stations around the lab. Each had a question. Most were slides of different things we've seen under the microscope before. Some models like the heart, brain, and skin. I think I aced it. Now I have to write 2 summaries this weekend, and somehow get the rest of my boxes out of storage before the $70 price goes up to $130. Not sure how I'm going to accomplish both.

Going swimming again tonight if anyone wants to join Alicia and me! You should have seen us on Monday. How dedicated are we? It poured on us, and was rather cold. We did it though! Good for us!

Have a wonderful day!


judy said...

Hi Kate - I can help you get your stuff out of storage on Sunday if that will make it go any faster. Good job on your test, biology has got to be really tough! Call me, k?
love - J