Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dinner is served....

Chicken potstickers and garlic broccoli for dinner. Yum! 4.5 points for 7 of them puppies! Thank you Trader Joe's! I had enough points to have 11, upping the anty to a tiny bit under 7. They were sooo good! I was hungry after taxing my brain all day with facts about mucous membranes and stuff! Now I enter the danger zone. The late night munchies. Please or please be good to yourself Kate! Any of you have some ideas?


Alicia said...

Hi Kate, those chicken potstickers sound good! I'll have to get the brand from you...I love chinese food! I had a horrible day with WW. It started with Milano cookies and ended with mac & cheese.
I'll pick you up Tues.??