Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Interviewin' and booklearnin' and such....

I guess the good side is I'm getting some interview practice. Nope...I didn't get this job either. I didn't want it anyway....so there! On the bright side, school is going really well! I'm especially enjoying my nutrition class, and am always learning interesting little tidbits, like why our poop is brown (dead red blood cells silly...I thought EVERYBODY knew that!). Yes...of course I have to share it with you! Don't you know me at all?? Registration for the Spring semester is almost here. I can't believe it! I'm pretty sure one of the classes I'm going to take is Anthropology. I know...it's all about evolution, but I have the self-control to keep my mouth shut right?.......RIGHT?? :P The other class is still undecided. I wanted to take a math class, but I'd have to have an assessment test first, and I think I've waited too long to get that done. The other one I wanted is Communication 5 or 7. It's like speech, though you don't have to get up in front of the class I'm told. Problem is they don't seem to offer this one in the evening.

My head is swimming with Christmas craft ideas. I find this time of year to be a mix of intense inspiration, and intense pressure. I usually get some of the stuff I want to do done, but often it leaves me asking "Why Kate? Why?" I've never been good at finding a happy medium. I've been knitting for months now, but I have very little to show for my efforts. Let's blame it all on Chris shall we?! He distracts me, I get my count off, then I have to pull it all out. It's happened a bagillion times now! Chris Brown!!! You stinka! I don't have a short attention span, what are you talking about? What was I saying?

I do think I'm officially suffering from some depression. I suppose I've earned the right at this point. Gray days like today don't help! I have wonderful friends though, and you guys keep me sane. By the way, did you know that a rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair? Well...now you do!

More funny videos.......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!

I salute you Sergeant James C. Ford, without whom I would not exist! You're an honorable man, and I'm proud you are my father.

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away! I've decided I want to cook this year. Last year I wasn't having any of it. I'm going to mix it up and try some new things. I've been compiling new recipes, like a new sweet potato casserole, and a baked cauliflower gratin with Gruyere cheese. I'm thinking my Swedish apple pie, and a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. Just what my thighs need right?! You trying anything new this year? I found a great website called Tastespotting, if you'd like to be inspired. Just don't go there if you're hungry. A major snack attack will ensue. Being full, however, ain't gonna cut it either. Things look yucky when you're full. Find a happy medium.

So Christmas is just around the corner. Ever year I think to myself, I'm going to make my friends and family this or that. I've started knitting a gajillion times, only to lose my count and have to pull it out! I'm so anal!! You'll be lucky if you get a Christmas card! I'm gonna keep trying though....maybe by summer? I really want to find ways to make this Christmas more meaningful. We're all hurting for money! Every store you go into is cramming Christmas down our throats. It shouldn't be about another pair of Isotoner gloves...it's about Jesus! Anyone have any ideas? Fellowship with you is what I want for Christmas! Game nights are fun, and cheap if anyone is up for it! I'll bring the dip!?

Anyway, I'll leave you with these random videos....um...what can I say about the second one? I live with a teenage boy? Stuff rubs off...enjoy!

Stindberg & Helium...

Real Men of Genius... (fyi..that's the lead singer of Survivor singing)