Sunday, September 20, 2009


Nothing wakes you up like accidentally walking into the men's bathroom with a guy utilizing the urinal. I am embarrassed. Hope he didn't see me!

Totally busted too. The women's bathroom is right across from it, and a lady was coming out as I was making my hasty retreat. She burst into laughter and said "You go girl!" What does that mean anyway??

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anatomy Exam #1

It's over!!!!! And...I think I did pretty well. The questions I wasn't 100% sure about, I tried to make my best educated guesses based on how the words know...the Latin and Greek derivatives? May have screwed the pooch there, but at least I tried. The one essay question was this--compare and contrast pseudostatified columnar epithelial tissue with areolar connective tissue. Luckily for me...I knew plenty about both. Whoa! Am I turning into a nerd? I couldn't figure out the compare and contrast part of it though, so I just listed everything I knew about them. What they look like, what their function is, what the characteristics of them are, and where you can find them. Sound good? Hope Dr. Wilson agrees...

Wow, am I burnt! What a relief though....I'm a much happier girl! Now to learn the skeletal system...