Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good morning and happy Saturday :)

Once again, I'm sitting at my computer, with an incredible mess of chemistry books and papers spread out before me. Have to get through the end of the chapter examples. Have to...It's rainy today. I can see green buds on the tree outside my window, like a promise of Spring just around the corner. :) There's a break in the rain clouds, and sunshine is streaming in. Been trying to think of something fun to do with Chris today to balance my day of studying. A movie doesn't sound appealing. If I suggest shopping, this will mean the mall....yeah...THE MALL....(she says with more than just a hint of distain). Why do teenagers like places like Pacsun and Hot Topic anyway? Not my idea of fun. So, that makes me ask myself, what is your idea of fun Kate? Have I lost my ability to entertain myself? Hmm...and where do you suppose I might find it again?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's thursday. About to leave for algebra class. How do I feel about that? Meh...(Shoulder shrug). On the upside, Clif mountain bars rock...just sayin..:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

What? Can it be??'s me...miss me? Didn't think I think what I'm going to try to do is just give you snippets of what's going on with me when I can, instead of some long novel. I'll give it a try. Some days i may be feeling uber creative, and other days, get my point.

So, currently, I'm taking a Chemistry 60 class, as well as Algebra 2. I did have a speech class, but I dropped it right away once I realized the load of the previous two classes. I think it was a smart move for me. I figured I could either do a crappy job in all three, or a semi-decent job in two of them.

Anyway...Algebra 2 is going very well. Although I hate the room we're in (cause it's we say moist? primordial? health hazard?), I really like my teacher Allyson, even though she's a fast talker. Parking is back to it's usual hair-pulling craziness. I was 10 minutes late on my first day to class, and this was me being an hour early in the parking lot, doing the circling thing. People (me included) just hover at the end of the aisles like vultures, waiting for someone to pull out. So, I'm sitting there, growing older. There's an older gentleman waiting across the aisle from me in his truck. We see each other and nod. There's a code of conduct, don't you know... :) I'm first, and he knows it. Someone finally pulls their car out, and I have this rush of relief for a mere second as I watched in disbelief as this woman swoops in out of no where in her big old Cadillac and takes the spot I so desperately need. As I am a lady, I will refrain from using expletives here. Let's just say I was not a very happy woman at this point. The old guy in the truck got out and tore her a new one anyway. I just drove to a different lot, which made me walk across campus, causing me to be the 10 minutes late. I was in tears at that point, I must admit. Once I get to class, I stay toward the back, as it appears that all of the desks are taken. My teacher points to this old desk in the front of the room with a stool for a seat. So I sheepishly take my place, feeling on display, like I'm in the dunce chair. So lovely....and to cap it off, this loudmouth woman in my class says loudly enough for me to hear her as I pass by, "if you'd been here early enough, you could have found a better seat." If looks could kill, she'd have been lying on the floor. :P I'm doing pretty good in the class so far though. We took our first test last week and I got a 95%. She also allows us to correct our mistakes and turn them back in to re coop 25% of the points. Nice!

I really don't know what to think about Chemistry yet. It seems so much mellower than anatomy was. I'm hoping that's not lulling me into a false sense of comfort. I have very nice teachers. My lecture teacher Saif Hassam is this mild-mannered older woman. She's easy to take notes from, which is a first for me! My lab instructor should have been a comedian. I get so wrapped up in his shtick (I don't think I've ever written that word before :) that I forget to pay attention to what I'm doing. Probably not a good thing when you're dealing with chemicals and fire. No one was harmed in my first attempt to light my Bunsen burner. If you see me, and I've lost my eyebrows, you can put two-and-two together. Just smile at me, and move on. I'll try not to do this....
or this...

The text book is so incredibly dry. Every time I attempt to sit down and read a nice chunk of it, it ends in frustration. I either don't comprehend what I've read, so I do the read and reread thing, or I get sleepy. Not sure how to help myself here....Do they have to make textbooks so boring? Something very wrong with that. Or is it just my brain?

So, what else? Hmm...well...the holidays were pretty good this year, which is a nice change! Scott and I went and saw the comedian Brian Regan at the Wells Fargo Center for his birthday. He was funny, but I must admit, I wanted to hear his old stuff. This was mostly new material (at least new to us), which was funny, but not quite on the same level. The man could read a grocery list out loud and it would be funny though. His body movement and mannerisms are genius! His brother (forget his name, Scott thinks maybe Dennis, but he can't remember names to save his life, so i wouldn't put money on it! God bless him though! :) opened up for him. Runs in the family. He was good! Been so long since I've actually done something nice for myself like that. It was special to have Scott with me too! :)

Chris is good! He's enjoying his first year of high school at Maria Carrillo High School. Getting very tall and grown, don't I sound like an old mom....jeez. Proud of my kid, what can I say. That's the news for now. Hmm....that was longer than I