Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nutrition and Diet Therapy....

My classes started this week. My online English class is going to be a challenge I think. I don't mind a challenge. In fact, bring it on in most cases. I hope I can be disciplined enough to do the work on the computer and not monkey around ( have found so many awesome crafting blogs lately!) The first passage the teacher has us reading is so dry. I've taken to reading it out loud to myself so I can absorb it better. Feel like a big dufus! I'm concerned!

Last night was the FDNT class, which stands for nutrition and diet therapy. How come it isn't NTDT then? Just wondering...Anyway, my teacher is a nutritionist at Sutter. Nice mellow fellow. He doesn't care if we eat....he doesn't care if we drink....we can sit in the back and text on our cellphones if we want...he doesn't care. Do I need to come to class at all then?? Oh, and another thing, Mr. Nutritionist is a big ol' fat guy. Kind of hurts his credibility when it comes to this subject doesn't it? Guess he REALLY enjoys nutrition. So far I think it's going to be easy peasy...

Here's a coincidence for you. My very first boss...I'm talking high school at Mount Gilead...she's taking the class too. It was really nice to see her. We kind of recognized each other at the same time. It will be nice to know someone in the class.

Anywho....not much happening on the job front. I was warned that I may not get called about an interview with the county until September because the Governator can't get a budget passed. I spent a very long time exploring the Kaiser job listings. Apparently the only thing I have a shot at there is in the cafeteria. I'm bummed about that! I also was contacted by a company that wants me to be an insurance salesman to the elderly. thank you! The hunt continues!

I have been having really bizarre dreams lately. I told a couple of you, but I'll tell the rest... I dreamt that I was in the bathroom next to the school office of the small elementary school I went to as a kid. Mom was the school secretary. I spent many a summer being bored out of my skull there. I know that place like the back of my hand (which, by the way, is a really weird thing to say! Do people really spend a lot of time staring at the back of their hands??....getting off the subject....). Anyway, so I go into the bathroom and go into one of the stalls. Then I notice that all around me are loaves of bread....different kinds.....and huge sizes. Then Greg Seeger (one of the teachers at RVCS, the school I have worked at for the last 8 years) comes in and gets in the stall next to me. We proceed to have a conversation about the unusually large slices of bread that surround us. I'm not disturbed by a man being in the stall next to me. He is completely at ease as well. Weird! That's my's it.....anyone care to take a crack at translating it?

I'm unusual....I realize....

Have an awesome day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know..

1. Why do they sterilize needles before lethal injections?

2. Whose cruel idea was it to have an s in the word lisp?

3. If Fed Ex and UPS combined...would they become Fed UP?

4. If someone owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way to the center of the Earth?

5. Why is it said that an alarm clock is going off when it is really going on?

6. Why did Sally sell seashells on the seashore when you can just pick them up anyway?

7. Why are both of Spongebob's parents round like sea sponges while he is square like a kitchen sponge?

8. Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?

9. Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I passed!!


Got an email from the county regarding my examination. I got a 90%, which places me 5th out of those 40 some-odd people. I'm pleased with myself, but I really have to give God the credit because I prayed throughout the entire examination. The email said they would send a separate email if they wanted to interview me. So more waiting I guess.....but I got a 90%!! Who woulda thunk it!

Had a good birthday. My sister, my boy and I headed to Stinson Beach for the day. Must be the wrong time of year to find shells... we saw a bunch of jellyfish though...which we poked with our flip-flops. Jiggly! Told Chris he'd have to pee on me if I got stung, which I will admit I learned from an episode of Friends. TV......our most important teacher! Not sure he took me seriously...

When we got home we had a lovely meal at Flavor with Mom and Dad. Mom must have mention to Charles (he's the chef) that it was my birthday, cause they really spoiled us! After that Judy, Chris, and I went to the movies and saw The Mummy. Entertaining I guess....but I can't say I'd recommend it. It was pretty out the last two mummy movies were realistic right?!

Got to do some very badly needed clothes shopping with birthday money the next day! That was fun! My sweetie-pie son got me season 3 of The Office....a show we both love! All in all it was pretty fun! 39....and holding...............................................................

Can't believe school is about to start again. Poor Chris is going to be walking around like a zombie that first week! He's been sleeping in sooooo late this summer....teenage hormones I suppose.... I'll be back at the JC too. One online class in English and one on diet and nutrition......I think I'm going to enjoy both! I just hope I still get to have time for swimming!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not aimed at anyone in particular....:)


stop worrying!

Shut Up Brain

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More stalling....and a fear of Staff infection....

Good evening!

I'm finding it difficult to blog these days, mostly because I feel like I'm boring! Yes...I still need to find myself a new job. No, I have not heard from the county about my test yet. I hope I did well, but the reality is that even if I did pass, there were 40+ other men and women who may have passed as well. I've been told those who do pass are ranked by how well they did, and then offered positions they come up.

I've emotionally worked myself up so much about getting another job, that I'm having a difficult time tackling it. My dear sister whom I love and I know loves me (Hi Jude!) comes over and shows me all of these places to apply and post my resume...etc. It so much easier when you're on the other side of it isn't it? I just want to hide under my covers! Why am I like this? No one is going to call me and say "Hi Kate, I have this position that I think would be perfect for you! Would you please do me a favor and come work for me??" Not reality! Just tv.......

I will say that I did sign up with and they've been sending me positions. One looked really good until I realized it was in Sausalito. Not gonna happen!

I tried to give myself a birthday present tonight by getting my 2nd hole in my left ear repierced. I let it heal years ago. Chris and I were in the Santa Rosa Plaza (I HATE that mall! Why does my son love it so much??) and I saw a jewelry store. Something triggered the desire to have this done, but none of the jewelry stores will do it. They kept telling me to go to some kiosk in the mall called the "Piercing Pagoda". How scary does that sound? I really don't want to contract an infection for my birthday! So, anyway, we tracked it down and I inquired about having it repierced, but the teenager manning the kiosk was not comfortable repiercing. Needless to say, I wasn't comfortable either. Anybody know where I can have it done safely? Do I really have to go to someplace like Claire's??