Saturday, June 28, 2008

He's home!

Yeah! Chris is home! I picked him up this morning. He was tired, and a tad ripe, but he seemed to have had a jam-packed week of fun....boy flatulence...girl's passing notes...mud pit wrestling....4 in the morning pranks....etc. All in all, sounded like your typical week of camp!

Yesterday I decided to split the kids into two teams for craft time. I gave each team a roll of aluminum foil, told them to pick one team member, and fashion that person into the Statue of Liberty. The winning team got some cool prizes! I even brought candy for the losing team. it me, or does it seem like people are not teaching their children how to have good manners anymore? Not one of them thanked me afterwards, and the second place team even complained that they didn't like the candy they received. How frustrating is that? I didn't have to get them anything! Unfortunately, I've been doing this long enough to know that this is the typical response. It's really sad.....What's even worse is when I've spent literally hours preparing a project, and they immediately come in complaining that they aren't going to like it. Seems like the younger ones are better than the older kids. Am I really asking for too much? Just common manners and respect!? Perhaps it's this privileged area we live in?

On a lighter subject, a group of my friends and I went to Coldwater Creek Spa for pedicures yesterday afternoon. What an amazing experience! My nails are

What's up with you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cab withdrawal, Uncle Sam, and baby veggies....

What do these things have in common? This has been the stuff my week has been made of. Half the week is over, and I'm missing Chris terribly. I know he's having fun though, and I saw a picture with him in the background on the Mount Gilead website, so that made me feel better. Looked like he was going swimmin'! I sent him a care package with a really stupid note attached....of course in hopes that they'd make him open it and read it in front of everyone. I've heard they've been known to do this! Am I a mean mommy or what?!

The Uncle Sam pictured to the right is one of the crafts I'm going to have the kids do tomorrow. I think he's pretty cute. I didn't pick identical googly eyes however, so it looks like Uncle Sam on crack. Uncle Sam after a visit to the eye doctor to get his eyes dilated? You be the judge. The younger kids are going to have a choice of three crafts. He's one of the choices. The other two are a patriotic dog tag (thank goodness for Oriental Trading!), or an American flag safety pin. I decided I'd let the older kids do something different. I'm going to have them separate into two teams, and pick one person per team to envelop in aluminum foil. Their goal is to make that person into the Statue of Liberty. I even have a cardboard cone they can fashion into the torch. Hopefully no blood will be shed! The winning team will get disciple dollars, candy, and a glow wand. Not too shabby! I think it's going to be hysterical. I'm bringing the camera, so I'll post some pictures.

I've felt really funky this week! I think part of it is this horrible smoke in our California air! Hope the fires get contained soon! I can't believe how bad it is, and we aren't even very close to them! The poor people who are! That last night of our recent camping trip, we were awakened by thunder, and downpours of rain. Didn't see any lightning, but I guess there must have been a our state's on fire! I'm hoping that since Chris is closer to the coast, perhaps it's better where he is!

Ok, so on another note, my veggies are starting to pop out. I'm so skilled at switching topics! I've got a bunch of zucchini, a couple of peppers, and a smattering...yes, you heard me....a smattering of tomatoes. Fun! There so cute and little that I want to name them. Bob the tomato? No Larry the cucumber yet. I do have Raul and Ramon the bell peppers. They had to have a rather Latin, spicy name... What's a good name for a zucchini? Must be pretty darn tired to be naming my vegetables. How about Zelda? Zelda zucchini? Zachary? Can't think of any other Z names right now.....Perhaps we will visit this on another day....

Oh...yes....looks like we have a buyer for the Spring Creek house. The realtor jokingly said that it was so quick because he's such a great agent. I know the truth! It's God. I've been praying for a buyer...He provided one. Hope it goes through! Still a short sale, and I don't completely know all the legal, or tax ramifications, but I'm just gonna pray about that too.....

Now I need a job....

How was your week?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My baby's at hoo!

I miss him already! I know it's only a week....and he's gonna have an awesome time....but....but...ok... I guess I'll be fine....sniffle.....

Chris's cabin is full of his friends from church. This week's theme for junior high camp is "Uncle Gil's Barnyard Fiasco". It will be interesting to hear how this entertained kids of this somewhat, shall we dare say jaded?, age. When we drove into Mount Gilead's long frontage road there was a group of young adults in barnyard costumes waving at the parents and their campers. Pigs, sheep, cows. Dude! It was pretty cute! Hope it's an awesome, life-changing week! I warned Chris's youth pastor about his sleepwalking...just in case.

Chris and I just got back from a camping trip to Manchester Beach. We had a great time, in spite of Chris having a juicy cold. We got thunder and lightning, as well as a touch of rain on the last night. Glad we opted for the cabin instead of a tent!

We saw a movie at the Arena Theater in Point Arena. What a great theater! It's been remodeled to be art deco inside and out. We were greeted by an older woman in the tiny ticket booth....escorted into the building by an equally elderly woman.....and purchased our consession snacks from what had to be a married couple. At least they bickered like one! Too funny! Wish we'd known about this place before! It was so neat! the way...we saw "Get Smart" with Steve Carrell. Pretty good! We love Steve Carrell!

It was a fun trip! I had to quickly wash Chris's clothes and repack him for camp today, then make the drive out to Mount Gilead. I'm pooped! I need a vacation from my vacation!

I know I haven't been very good about writing lately. I didn't want this blog to just sound negative all the time. I will be honest. Life has really been tough lately. I'm trying to walk the line of what is healthy for me to get out of my system, and what you, as my reading audience, would enjoy reading. The only person who seems to write back to me is my sister maybe I don't have an audience after all.

I still don't have a resume put together. I will admit to stalling. Partly because my crappy self esteem says I don't have any skills that would land me a GOOD job, partly because I can't face leaving my old job and moving on, partly something else that I haven't figured out yet. What am I to do with myself?

On another note....I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to have the kids do for craft at daycamp tomorrow! Yikes! Ideas? Anyone? Jude?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

School's what?!

Such duality to my feelings right now! I've been looking forward to school being out, but I'm also filled with a sense of dread. I spent much of my last week in tears. Everyone kept coming up to me asking how I was, and what my plans were. I know they meant well, but my emotions where constantly being stirred up! I've run out of excuses. Now I have to put the resume together, and actually find that job! I'm working at day camp for the next two months, then I'm out of money and benefits. Really scary! To add to the heap, I had to get a root canal last Friday. $1,475!! I also have to get a post and crown this week. More $$. How's the saying go? When it rains it pours....I'm feeling a bit persecuted to say the least. I think God's preparing me for something.....just wish He'd clue me in!