Sunday, June 1, 2008

School's what?!

Such duality to my feelings right now! I've been looking forward to school being out, but I'm also filled with a sense of dread. I spent much of my last week in tears. Everyone kept coming up to me asking how I was, and what my plans were. I know they meant well, but my emotions where constantly being stirred up! I've run out of excuses. Now I have to put the resume together, and actually find that job! I'm working at day camp for the next two months, then I'm out of money and benefits. Really scary! To add to the heap, I had to get a root canal last Friday. $1,475!! I also have to get a post and crown this week. More $$. How's the saying go? When it rains it pours....I'm feeling a bit persecuted to say the least. I think God's preparing me for something.....just wish He'd clue me in!