Saturday, June 28, 2008

He's home!

Yeah! Chris is home! I picked him up this morning. He was tired, and a tad ripe, but he seemed to have had a jam-packed week of fun....boy flatulence...girl's passing notes...mud pit wrestling....4 in the morning pranks....etc. All in all, sounded like your typical week of camp!

Yesterday I decided to split the kids into two teams for craft time. I gave each team a roll of aluminum foil, told them to pick one team member, and fashion that person into the Statue of Liberty. The winning team got some cool prizes! I even brought candy for the losing team. it me, or does it seem like people are not teaching their children how to have good manners anymore? Not one of them thanked me afterwards, and the second place team even complained that they didn't like the candy they received. How frustrating is that? I didn't have to get them anything! Unfortunately, I've been doing this long enough to know that this is the typical response. It's really sad.....What's even worse is when I've spent literally hours preparing a project, and they immediately come in complaining that they aren't going to like it. Seems like the younger ones are better than the older kids. Am I really asking for too much? Just common manners and respect!? Perhaps it's this privileged area we live in?

On a lighter subject, a group of my friends and I went to Coldwater Creek Spa for pedicures yesterday afternoon. What an amazing experience! My nails are

What's up with you?


judy said...

Hi honey! I wish I could have spent some time with you this weekend, but it sounds like you had some fun anyway. Your toes look beautiful. Spas are kind of fun, but they sort of make me feel guilty for indulging myself. When it's a gift like yours was, it's really special.
As for the kids, I'd have told them they should have thought about about saying thank you since the losers will probably get zip next time. Would that be mean? Are you allowed to say how it is, or should be with kids?
Great veggies. I went to Stacy's
yesterday and she gave me some cherry tomatoes, and lots of green beans. Their plants are pretty big already, but they're not heirlooms like yours..
anyway.. happy monday! Short week - yeah - and Happy 4th!
love - j

judy said...

Hi - I forgot to tell you, I just finished the book you lent me, The Friday Nite Knitting Club - and it was great! all the way to almost the end, and then I hated it and then loved it again. Anybody looking for something to read?
And, I'm so glad the sky is blue again. What a difference it makes. jude