Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I passed!!


Got an email from the county regarding my examination. I got a 90%, which places me 5th out of those 40 some-odd people. I'm pleased with myself, but I really have to give God the credit because I prayed throughout the entire examination. The email said they would send a separate email if they wanted to interview me. So more waiting I guess.....but I got a 90%!! Who woulda thunk it!

Had a good birthday. My sister, my boy and I headed to Stinson Beach for the day. Must be the wrong time of year to find shells... we saw a bunch of jellyfish though...which we poked with our flip-flops. Jiggly! Told Chris he'd have to pee on me if I got stung, which I will admit I learned from an episode of Friends. TV......our most important teacher! Not sure he took me seriously...

When we got home we had a lovely meal at Flavor with Mom and Dad. Mom must have mention to Charles (he's the chef) that it was my birthday, cause they really spoiled us! After that Judy, Chris, and I went to the movies and saw The Mummy. Entertaining I guess....but I can't say I'd recommend it. It was pretty out there....like the last two mummy movies were realistic right?!

Got to do some very badly needed clothes shopping with birthday money the next day! That was fun! My sweetie-pie son got me season 3 of The Office....a show we both love! All in all it was pretty fun! 39....and holding...............................................................

Can't believe school is about to start again. Poor Chris is going to be walking around like a zombie that first week! He's been sleeping in sooooo late this summer....teenage hormones I suppose.... I'll be back at the JC too. One online class in English and one on diet and nutrition......I think I'm going to enjoy both! I just hope I still get to have time for swimming!


PattyAnn said...

Wow! 90% and 5th place. I'm so excited for you. Now I'll change my prayers to be that you get interviewed for a specific position - one you like, even!