Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good morning and happy Saturday :)

Once again, I'm sitting at my computer, with an incredible mess of chemistry books and papers spread out before me. Have to get through the end of the chapter examples. Have to...It's rainy today. I can see green buds on the tree outside my window, like a promise of Spring just around the corner. :) There's a break in the rain clouds, and sunshine is streaming in. Been trying to think of something fun to do with Chris today to balance my day of studying. A movie doesn't sound appealing. If I suggest shopping, this will mean the mall....yeah...THE MALL....(she says with more than just a hint of distain). Why do teenagers like places like Pacsun and Hot Topic anyway? Not my idea of fun. So, that makes me ask myself, what is your idea of fun Kate? Have I lost my ability to entertain myself? Hmm...and where do you suppose I might find it again?