Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't happy!

Normally on a day like today, I'd be loving the gray fall skies, and the crisp air. There's a but in here. The house finally sold. I signed the final papers yesterday, and Tim is moving out as I write this. I know, because he called to see if Chris could help him move his things into storage. So now I'm feeling sorry for myself. Lost my husband...lost my job....lost my house. I'll try to count my blessings in a minute, but indulge me a minute to feel lousy ok? This isn't how I'd pictured my life going. I think that's actually part of the problem. I didn't picture my life much at all. I was just blindly living it, innocent, stupid me. I fully trusted the people in my life (no names here) and look was happened. I don't want to turn into a hard, cynical person....but I sure can see how that happens to people. I think I need a good dose of light therapy right now....or lots of, chocolate...where's the chocolate?

The county called me on Monday and informed me I didn't get the position. I had a feeling that was going to happen, after the person conducting the interview told me she was concerned I might be too nice for the job. Big red flag....The same day I got a call from a friend who told me her husband's company was looking for someone full time in an accounts receivable positon. The pay is bad, and the benefits don't sound great either. I sent in my resume, but I'm not sure I want the job. I REALLY wanted to work for the county. What to do...what to do...?

Ok.....enough self-pity! I thought I'd pee my pants the first time I saw this! Enjoy!


judy said...

Hi - I'm so sorry you're having a blue day...or gray as the case may be. Me too.. My shoulder hurt all day so I went to the Dr. and she chewed me out for acting like I have a spare body waiting for me. Well, sort of. But she's right. I have a shoulder impingement, waaaay overweight, high blood pressure and wheezy lungs.
Aren't we a pair? Ok, so what are we gonna do about it? Remember who's the boss, first. There is a plan for us. And, count those blessings again and again and again. And speaking of blessings,
we just celebrated a special 14th birthday of the biggest blessing I know, and he's a part of you!!

love - jude

PattyAnn said...

Oh, Katy, your time will come. I say take the job if it's offered, but don't stop checking out the county. If this turns out to be great, you can stay. If not, you have at least done something in the meantime.

And, this guy has waaaaay too much time on his hands (no pun intended about the hands). Thanks for a hilarious start to my day! Love ya!