Monday, May 26, 2008

Seeds of change....

After much wallowing in self-pity soup, I decided I needed to do something fun and constructive at the same time. Today I planted a vegetable garden! I'm so tired, but it felt really good to have this distraction! Hope you like tomatoes...chances are you'll be getting some this summer. I planted 5 varieties of heirlooms...the weirder the better! I also planted eggplant, zucchini, summer squash, 2 heirloom cucumbers, something called a chocolate bell pepper, basil (gonna make pesto!), lemon thyme (mostly for rubbing between my fingers and smelling!), and rosemary to attract the bees! A blue scrub jay was very interested in the goings on! He got so close to me. Probably planning where he was going to store his seeds! We will see about that!

Now how do I keep the neighborhood kitties from using the beds as their own personal potty? As much as I hate to admit it, my Dad's habit of using chicken wire may have to be the answer, unattractive as it may be. Anyone have ideas? Tried cayenne pepper and orange peel...didn't work for me in the past. Don't even suggest deer pee! Not gonna buy a dog either!

Saturday, my sis Jude and I hopped in her car and drove West. It was gloomy, but we didn't care. Breakfast was first on the agenda. We went to this little hole in the wall on the way out to the coast. I think it was still considered to be Sebastopol. I've driven by the structure many times, but never stopped. It recently changed hands, and is now called "St. Rose". If they had posted the menu on the outside, we probably would have moved on...but they didn't, so we went in. A neat, eccentric little place. Pricey, but with a neat sense of whimsy! The table was set so nicely, with cloth napkins, silver place settings, and these pretty glasses filled with cucumber and mint water. It was really refreshing! Gonna try it at home! The menu was quirky....with things like "Satan's breakfast", which consisted of Lucky Charms and half and half. This was $6 by itself, so don't go if you're thrifty. I had polenta, with country ham and roasted asparagus. Jude had potato chip omelet with avocado crema and pimenton (turns out this is a fancy way of saying paprika...but that would have been boring!). Both were really good! I must say, I really enjoyed their bathroom as well! Sophisticated and cute at the same time! It doesn't take much to excite me does it?! They had a lot of fresh flowers throughout. Neat place! I'd go back again. Because of the location, it probably won't last though. Too bad! as a food critic?? Probably not good for the waistline!

After breakfast, we drove a short bit down the road to Rose & Thorn nursery and gift shop. This too was a bit pricey, but they had beautiful plants! I bought several. They also have Pygmy goats! Judy arranged for them to consign her cards. Her website is :
She uses photos that she's taken, and turns them into these really cool kaleidoscope pictures. Mostly from picture from Hawaii, and Sonoma. They're really cool! Check her out!

We then headed down the road a bit further to a farm stand. I think it belonged to someone named Bob. Nice variety of organic fruit and veggies. I bought vegetarian jerky. I know...I know....what was I thinking? One word....yuck! Next time I'll pass!

When we got back home, Mom needed to head out to Kaiser to pick up some medication. I talked her into going to Home Depot afterwards. It was raining, so we used my huge IKEA umbrella. Not a good idea to have someone under 5' hold the umbrella. I got it in the eye a few times.....stupid me! I did load up on the veggies for my little garden though. Fun!

Chris and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie on Sunday. He liked it a lot! I didn't, but I will reserve my opinion as to not ruin it for you!

All in all, a pretty full weekend! I'm getting good at forcing out the stuff I don't want to think about. Job hunting! Double yuck!

So how are you?


judy said...

Hi sweetie. I haven't visited your blog in a while.. and look what I missed. thanks for the nice words. I love how you write and express yourself. Maybe you should become an author. XOXO - J