Saturday, May 10, 2008 is what it is....

I had a feeling...deep down in my gut. I didn't want to face it. I kept telling myself not to go there. As of the end of the month, I guess I am no longer an RVCS employee. Even with my suspicions, I am devastated. I love my job....I'm good at my job. The economy is taking a tremendous toll on our precious little school.

So now what? I need to force myself out of my fear and figure this out. Another job? Where? A part-time job, and part-time school scenario? What about benefits? My son is 13. He needs benefits! School full-time so I can finish quicker? How do I pay for it? Again...what about benefits? What to do...what to do? My job was one of a very few stabilizing factors in my life right now. Not what I needed, that's for certain.

I didn't handle the news well in regards to Weight Watchers either. I pretty much blew it for the last two days. I don't understand why change sends me off the edge. Then I start the cycle of self-abuse all over again. Frustrating!

In other news....who new face-painting was soooo exhausting?! I was wiped out!

So how was your week?


judy said...

Hi Kate, hope your week is going good. Tomorrow is Friday.. Yeah! and I made it through my first week back. Just thinking about the movies tomorrow. I checked what's playing here and it's Made of Honor, and What stays in Vegas. Also a new Narnia movie. don't know if any sound appealing to you so let me know. I hope to be off work by four. HAPPY FRIDAY! Love Jude