Thursday, May 8, 2008


This time of year things always start to heat up. Some good...some bad. What an overwhelming week it has been. I have two more weeks of biology class. I have to write two more papers, and start studying for the final exam. Looks like a tough one! I had to pass on swimming Tuesday night because it was Chris's spring concert at RVCS. What a wonderful concert it was though! I'm so proud of my son! He is awesome! I'm also passing on swimming tonight in order to hopefully accomplish at least half of one of my papers, which I'm bummed about because I love it so much! I also need to track down some face paint. Tomorrow is the math fair at school, and I guess I'm the face painter. Our supplies don't look sufficient however, so I need to find some more. Any idea where I can find this? Too bad it's not Halloween....

There are only two and a half more weeks of RVCS as well. Chris has projects and finals looming too. Looks like we're going to flip a coin to see who gets the computer this weekend...

Good news! I did get my online class I was hoping to get for the summer. Reading and composition. Hope I like it!

The economy is taking it's toll on our wonderful school. Today I find out if I have a job next year. I'm just going to trust whatever God has planned for me. At least....I'm really going to try to!

What to get Mom for Mother's Day? That's a tough one too! Ideas anyone?

Ok! Most of you know that I have the kindergarteners at lunch time every day. It's my Lunchbunch! As is often the case, they say amazing things! I've changed the names to protect the innocent (tee-hee!)--

Johnny: Mrs. Brown?
Kate: Yes Johnny?
Johnny: I think there's a mother flea on my lunchbag.
Kate: Oh really? How do you know it's a mother flea?
Johnny: Well....because it has 6 legs.
Kate: Do father fleas have more or less?
Johnny: Oh! Many more!

Separate conversation overheard--
Joey: You love your brother don't you Janie?
Janie: If you're in love with your brother, that's called "incest"!
Kate: (quickly trying to dodge a bullet...) So...who likes cookies?

After lunch I'm in with the third grade class.
Here's a conversation in there--
Arthur: Mrs. Brown?
Kate: Yes Arthur?
Arthur: My back hurts...right here....(he points)
Kate: Well Arthur...I did see you pick up Wendell during recess. Maybe you pulled something when you did that? You shouldn't pick him up...he's the same size you are. You have to protect your back.
Arthur: My dad picks up weights all the time.
Kate: Does your dad wear a weight belt when he does that?
Arthur: Yes...
(He pauses.....thinking loudly to himself)
Arthur: Tomorrow I'll bring a weight belt.

Have a wonderful day!