Sunday, August 23, 2009

I made it through week one. It wasn't so bad. I think we begin dissection this week. Yikes. I've got my lab coat and rubber gloves standing by.

I found a great, albeit expensive, rolling backpack at Sports Authority. I dragged Chris around one evening to several different stores on the hunt for one. They seem to have two kinds. Cheap ones made for children--poor quality, kind of small, and with a very short handle. Then there are the really expensive, but great quality ones like the ones I found at Sports Authority and REI. I chose the black Jansport one from Sports Authority. It has a huge capacity to store stuff, and the handle is not only sturdy, but it locks into place. The thing cost me $80, but I think it's going to be worth it. Now...does my coolness quotient go down with the use of this handy item? I submit that it does not.


PattyAnn said...

and, if you didn't know, Jansport has lifetime warranty and replacement. Save your receipt!