Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chris scared me awake at 4 am this morning. He used to be quite the sleep-walker, but as he's gotten older, he's almost stopped. This morning I heard loud rustling coming my way, complete with my bedroom door being thrown open...and Chris flopping himself down on top of my bed. What scared me the most was that my dad (insomniac that he is) was already up downstairs, and was apparently opening the front door at the same time to check and see if the newspaper had come. I thought it was Chris going outside. He did something similar when we lived at Spring Creek. Scared the living **** out of me! I got a shot of adrenaline so big...let me tell ya! I was relieved to see him when he threw open that door. Getting him to go back to bed in his room was not easy! Probably going to be mad at me...if he remembers at all...which is usually not likely. I tried to go back to bed after that, but apparently adrenaline and sleep are not good bed buddies. Finally gave it up at 5. Since I don't seem to make the time to blog much these days, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to get some thoughts down. I seem to be quite lucid. We'll see...

Let me see...Well, day camp is over for the summer again. Seemed to be a tiny little camp this year. Don't know what that means for next year. The JC is about to start again on August 17th. This semester this lucky girl gets to take Anatomy. Complete with a cadaver. Oh joy! I also decided to take algebra again. I hated the fact that I didn't do well, and I really want to understand it. I'll need it for my chemistry class when I take that also, so here I go again. Hopefully, I'll discover some brilliant part of my brain, and it will all click! Yeah...right! Another class I'm taking is called Communications 7. Something about world speech. I dunno. All I know is it involved public speaking...gulp! Helps to have done a bit of subbing at RVC I guess. Whatever...maybe I'll try picturing people naked. Does that really work? And you're not supposed to laugh, right? Lastly, I needed 1 more unit, so I'm taking an online class. I don't even remember what it is at the moment. Doesn't start until November anyway.

Got my books a couple of days ago. All used...$280! Ouch! Could be worse I guess. Look at me being all positive! :) Chris is also starting a new school. We made the really tough decision to enroll him at Maria Carrillo High School. It has been really difficult for me to cope with. I had always had a dream that he'd go the full ride at RVC. The tuition became too much. I think this change may have had something to do with Chris's sleepwalking adventure this morning. Stress seems to be a trigger for him. He's going to do great, but it is a really big change. I'm sure the fear of the unknown is what he's worried about. Me too for that matter...We meet his counselor and get him plugged into his classes next week.

Scott and I took another trip to Redding a couple of weeks ago. Had a really nice time visiting with some of his family. His wonderful cousin's Kim and Bill hosted us again. The only down side was the tremendous heat. I think, at one point, it was around 115 degrees. You just can't even really go out in it for more than a few minutes at a time. But it's a dry heat!! So is my blow dryer, but I don't want to walk around all day with it blowing in my face. How does anything get done around there? I felt like a sloth. We did manage to go visit a neat old museum. It was the old courthouse/jail/bakery/general store for Shasta. Got some neat pictures, which I will post. We also visited the Sundial Bridge again. Last time, we saw it during the day. When I got home, I looked it up and found out it's all lit up at night. What the pictures didn't show was how the entire bridge is covered in those huge garden spiders. Yuck! My flesh was crawling the entire time. Scott thought it was amusing to pretend to throw one at me too! Isn't he a prince?! Pretty sure that's my last visit to the Sundial Bridge, thank you very much!

Turning 40 in two days. Naturally, I'm feeling a bit reflective. My life is sure different from what I thought it would be like. I was driving through San Rafael on the way back home the other day. I got slammed in the face by a huge rush of emotions, and the tears started. Not sure why exactly. I guess some old dreams that will never be, or something like that. Letting go of them, piece by piece. My hometown kind of reminded me of some of those, I suppose. I'm enjoying my life right now, and I have found a wonderful person who wants to share it with me..and he makes a lovely addition to the friends and family I'm already blessed with. This is a really good time in my life. So why does the number 40 sound so foreign to me?? Come on! I feel like I'm still 18. Aren't I supposed to be flowing with wisdom and maturity? Dignity and grace? Have you seen me in the morning? Oh well...I'm me. I guess that's good :)