Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One more class!

As I was cramming more facts into my brain this afternoon, I began to reflect on this last semester. I really did enjoy myself! My English class helped me discover that I can write pretty well. It was stressful at times, but I didn't have to be committed to a facility. I made it through. It was weird having an online class. I don't know whether it was just my teacher or what, but I was frustrated that she didn't communicate with me more. I think that would have made the class even better. Nevertheless, I really learned a lot.

I'm really going to miss FDNT 62 (that's diet and nutrition therapy for those of you that are not in the know!). I won't miss the smelly classroom, or the freezing bathroom with the window that never closed. I will however miss April. Her friendship was a nice surprise. The fact that she knew me as a kid, but hadn't known me as an adult never seemed to be a problem. She was my very first boss when I worked out at Mount Gilead in high school. She wants us to have a Bible study together, just the two of us. We've endured some similiar things over the years. She has such an amazing perspective on life, and God, and marriage. It's always nice to know a familiar face when you walk into a new class.

Then there's Tom. Croc-wearing, shirt untucked, belly hangin' over the pants that are about to fall down, hairy as Robin Williams Tom. You were the most mellow teacher I've ever encountered, which was nice, and also very, very frustrating. I wish you'd yelled at those stupid blond twits who talked through your lecture each and every week....but you didn't. You had to wait for one of us to finally explode about it. Is it because you need hearing aids Tom? Maybe it was your confession last week about your pot-smoking habits? I don't know...explains a lot though! You blinded me with science you weird, weird man. I'll miss you anyways.

Tomorrow night is my last class of the semester. The final exam. Arthritis...diabetes....polypeptides...liver cirrhosis........Wow, I've learned so much! Hope it all stays in the brain...at least until tomorrow night!

Anytime I want to make my child lose his mind, I torture him with this song. Man, this video is bad...love the song though. Takes me right back to high school!