Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So cute!

My Heather Bailey strawberry pincushion kit finally came! I can't wait to make it! Isn't it adorable? It doesn't take much to excite me I guess!


kateoverjoyed said...

So...how frustrating is this. I open up the package and look through all of it to discover there are no directions. I write the website I purchased it from, and get a response of "oh...sorry you misunderstood. You have to buy the pattern separately." This is becoming quite costly. It's ok Heather....I still love your stuff! It better come quick!

judy said...

So what did they send you? The material? That's not very good marketing on their part..A kit contains a pattern too. I bet it will be worth the wait, though - it's really cute. Jude

kateoverjoyed said...

The material, thread, and batting came in the kit, but not the directions or pattern......weird huh?