Saturday, September 6, 2008

Graffiti and swimsuits.....

The bands are taking a trip to Santa Clara at the end of this school year. They are going to perform at Great America. Chris has to earn money in order to pay for his trip. Close to $300. I'd like to go, so double this number. Chris and I had the opportunity to earn some cash for his music account today by participating in graffiti removal. So we go to school early in the morning and meet up with the other kids and parents. We get the equipment, and off we drive to some various bridges in Santa Rosa. We climb down some rocky hills, careful to avoid the poison oak and blackberry vines along the way. Today I guess there wasn't as much graffiti and trash as usual. Saw a couple crack spoons and some napkins smeared with blood or poop. Eeewww! We just left those....I did enjoy catching up with my friend Cherry, who accompanied Chris and I. Poor Cherry though....after all his hard work, Chris took off his gloves to put in the garbage bag she was holding. Problem was he had sweat profusely in them, and proceeded in the act of removing them to flick sweat all over her! Bless her heart! She politely said with a smile "It's ok Chris." Climbing back up the rocky hill proved to be more difficult than getting down. A blackberry vine grabbed skin on my ankle while my son accidentally goosed me by pushing his mother's tushie as she struggled to gain footing. Thanks Chris! Such a good helper...... ;)

When I got home I made plans with my friend Alicia to find her a new swimsuit, since her's spontaneous combusted earlier in the week. Hehe....she knows what I mean! Anyway, we went to a bunch of stores and finally found some shorts to go with a swimtop she already had. It was on sale for like $1.50! Big score! Now watch it turn the water black or dissolve or something! Anybody know any good swimsuit sales?

I've been wasting way to much time and having so much fun on this Facebook thing! If you're not on, get with the program people! It is a hoot! I was on earlier this evening with one of the 7th grade girls from RVCS. She asked to chat with me cause she needed boy advice. Me?? Boy advice?? Um.....don't have a very good track record here. Real adorable of her to ask though! I think she was hoping I'd tell her to go ahead and confess her undying affection for him, but I did just the opposite. I told her junior high boys (sorry Chris!) are just kinda stupid at this age. Now watch her go to school and tell the boys what Mrs. Brown said! Me and my big mouth! I told her to hold back her confession. Better to wait until she's after she's grown....out of college maybe....has a I wrong? Do I sound bitter? Me??
Anyway, that was my adventures for the day. You?