Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Wow...does that sound like a big event....Spring Breakapooluza? I have a week off. Although I'm appreciative of the time away from classes (although I should use it to get up to speed in Chemistry!), I usually find myself being bored as most of the people in my life continue with their day jobs, and lives. I'm hoping for a road trip somewhere in there, but we will see if that materializes. I'm thinking Tahoe...perhaps Monterey? Actually, San Francisco might be fun too. We'll see...

So this last week was midterms. Chemistry was tough. I think I did better than the first exam. Haven't received it back though, so we'll see. Algebra was also a difficult one. I wasn't too confident with that one either, although when I brought it up to Allyson (teacher), she looked it over and said I did really good. Do you think that is really good meaning a B...or really good meaning an A?

Have made some personal changes, so hopefully we'll all be seeing a healthier, happier Kate. Man, my butt and legs are sore!