Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a little more than half way into this semester already. Started out with seven classes....four remain. I feel like I've made some decent progress. I find myself struggling along in algebra and history. History is my Achilles heal this term. I don't enjoy my professor's style of teaching, his strange and manic personality (I know...imagine that...Kate thinks her teacher is we see a pattern? Maybe it's just me?! You'd tell me wouldn't you?). The text is so incredibly dry that it lulls me to sleep....and after I wake up with the book stuck to my face, I there a better way? Has to be... It's a pity, because I normally enjoy history. So I'll continue to plug away at it in spite of these feelings. No one said this would be an easy process. Truth be told, the hardest part is in front of me now. I need to stay focused on just getting through today's stuff.

Everything else is pretty great. And that's all she wrote........