Sunday, July 27, 2008


Guess I hit "off" instead of "snooze" this morning. I woke up about 10 minutes after church started. I always feel so guilty when I miss it! Anyway, guilt isn't what I want to feel today.....I'll try to redeem the day for myself!

I spent much of yesterday studying a book about civil service exams. Took a few of the practice tests. I understand now why they want you to take the official exam first thing in the morning. The first one was easy-peasy.....but as the day progressed, fatigue influenced my scores. I will take the math one today. This is the one I worry about most. Hey, at least I know I can do math through a sixth grade level. That sounds kinda pathetic doesn't it?

Today is Tim's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary party. 65th!! Amazing! I'm so sad I'm not allowed to be there. My son is there...I'm not. It's times like these that remind me of what a tremendous loss I'm suffering. So sad. I did manage to send them a card, which they received because I called grandma to ask her for her fried green tomato recipe. They're southern, and she makes the best ones ever! At least they don't treat me like I'm the enemy. It also reminds me that I never will have an anniversary like this one. Our 18th anniversary just passed. Wish I could have celebrated it with him instead of trying to distract myself all day.

Lost a few pounds this week. When I saw my doctor the last time, she suggested that I have an entire glass of water each time before I eat to trick my mind into feeling a sense of fullness. I think it's helping. I didn't go to the pool at all last week. I've really been feeling tired. I think mostly because I opened daycamp for Russ twice last week, so that meant waking up at 5am. I guess I'm just not used to it. May have to get used to it when I get my new job......

What's up with you?