Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Power of two...

Isn't it amazing what two people can accomplish?
Some things you'd never be bold enough to do alone, all of a sudden becomes exciting challenge...something do-able?

Scott and I put in a garden. It's something I wanted to do this summer, but figured I wouldn't get to. Could not...would not have ever attempted it without him. The amount of weeds and crap (pardon my crap really a french word? I don't think so...) back there was pretty overwhelming. I think we both got each other excited about the idea, and before you knew it...there was this cute little garden. There are 4 3'x3' (is that right sweetie?) beds. In one bed, we put in 7 different types of tomatoes, some the funky heirlooms I love! Accompanying the tomatoes are some leeks (never tried to grow these before), and a couple of is this trailing pink thing...don't remember the name, and the other is a California poppy...although it is a much deeper orange that the typical poppy (so perhaps it isn't considered a California poppy then? Hey...can I pick them if they're in my own garden? Don't want to get busted :)
In another bed we put in 2 cucumbers that the rollie pollies find just delightful and delicious...we'll see how they do. :) The two zucchini are getting huge already, and will probably crowd out the cukes and the two flowering plants we put in. Both are is like a pretty yellow daisy with a purple center...very happy!
The other is this unusually shaped dark yellow flower. In the third bed are lavender, red dianthus (carnation), bush beans, basil, dill, cilantro, and Italian parsley. In the last bed we got in two pumpkin plants, which are also going to get huge. Scott said we'll see if they turn out "great". Get it? hehe...I know....corny, but cute! :) There's also a trailing flower that's white, and this mixed flower that looks like someone ate a rainbow and threw it up. Tmi?'s very colorful!

Oh yeah! And here's the best part! Scott designed a drip system for them. It is awesome! So I think the plants are going to be very happy.

Having someone to do this with has been such fun! The power of two...


Anonymous said...

Aww, you could have done the garden without me, I was just happy that you wanted to do that with me. You inspire me and we've done so many wonderful things together. Thanks for letting me be part of your life and thanks for being there for me...Scott

kateoverjoyed said...

I feel exactly the same way sweetie. I feel so blessed by your presence in my life, each and every day. Perhaps I could have done it, but I wouldn't have. You've brought color back into my world, and the energy that gives me is beyond explanation.